C-EREL follows a comprehensive R&D approach to the environment – climate change – atmospheric pollution assessment integrating a number of topics and modelling methodologies.

  • Regional climate modeling systems
    • Statistical & dynamical Downscaling
    • Seasonal-2-Subseasonal predictions (1-6 months)
    • Very high resolution climate modeling for Greece (@5km spatial resolution)
  • Understanding and processing of weather and climate patterns
    •  Statistical analysis of climate extremes
    •  Study of compound events
    • Causality and attribution of climate patterns
    • Environmental Impact Assessment of Climate Change and Extreme Events (fires, floods, sea waves, etc.) on Infrastructures, Society & Economy (tourism, agriculture, cultural heritage), Energy Sector (renewable energy), including the provision of climate services
  • Climate mitigation / adaptation and disaster risk reduction
    • Hydro-meteorological analysis of complex risks – Emergency response plans
    • Resilience of communities, cities and interconnected critical infrastructures
    • Extreme weather / climate related risks
    • Development of environmental-energy-economic models based on the Input-Output Analysis