Climate Change & Impact Modelling


  • Development and evaluation of climate change using high-resolution dynamic downscaling from global to regional / local scales;
  • Establishment of climate services at seasonal & climate scale and provision to stakeholders and industries for key sectoral systems (Energy : Heating/Cooling, RES : Wind and Solar Potential, Health, Transport, Tourism);
  • Assessment of climate extreme and compound events using statistical approaches;
  • Understanding climate variability through backward trajectory analysis;
  • Statistical downscaling based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for seasonal predictions;

Modelling capabilities

  • Operational of a weather forecasting system (WRF) covering the entire Europe (15km2) with focus on Greece (3km2) and furthermore on the Greater Athens Area (1km2);
  • Development of a seasonal and seasonal to subseasonal (S2S) prediction model (WRF forced by CFSv2) producing very high spatial resolution of 5km2 predictions up to 6 months ahead;
  • Production of high resolution (5km2) climate projections for Greece using the IPCC RCP 4.5 & RCP8.5 up to 2100;
  • Extreme value analysis – copula and bi-variate statistics for compound events;
  • Identification of characteristic weather types in regional and local scale;