My research

My research focuses on transport phenomena in porous media with emphasis in soils, rocks and membranes. Through the theoretical study of physical mechanisms emanating at the pore scale, I develop computationally efficient numerical modeling tools for a variety of processes typically encountered in a series of technological and scientific applications. These include evaporative drying from fractured petroleum reservoirs, multiphase flows related to Oil Recovery processes (drainage, imbibition, blob dynamics), hydrodynamic dispersion, flow of gases through fibrous media and metal hydrides, thermodynanics and heat transfer dynamics in coupled Fuel Cell/Metal Hydride systems, including design optimization. Besides my modeling work, I also design and perform rigorous experimental studies of multiphase flow processes in model and microengineered porous media aiming at obtaining better insight on the effect of pore scale mechanisms at the macroscopic/field scale behavior of such systems.

Technical University of Crete