Dr. A. Sfetsos
Dr. A.K. Stubos
Dr. M.E. Kainourgiakis
Dr. G. Charalambopoulou
Dr. G. Giannakopoulos
Dr. I. Klampanos


Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Mr. Kostas Papadopoulos, PhD candidate, School of Mineral Resources Engineering at the Technical University of of Crete (TUC, Greece) (2020 – present)
Mr. Phillipos Borbadonakis, undergraduate thesis, Chemistry Department, University of Crete (2015)
Mr. Aggeliki Poulou, Intership, NCSR Demokritos (2015)
Mr. Phillipos Borbadonakis, Intership, NCSR Demokritos (2014)

National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos